Sunday, July 13, 2008


The Farm Project

Taking a small break before we head to Ireland for a 3 month residency at Belmont Mills! In the mean time we are renovating an apartment in the barn on my family's land in Maine and helping with the flora and fauna they raise on their organic farm!! Soon to be featured in the MOFGA newsletter and can be found at the Common Ground Fair in Sept. under the name Androscoggin Apple Company. Normally I would happily be there scooping shaved ice for cider syrup sno-cones but ALAS we will be in the land of muck...
Here are just a few pix of our farming adventures...
I apologixe that I can not adequately describe the taste of the goat's milk ice cream and the crisp apple cider that comes out of this place... But I bet you can imagine.

Summer of '08

The reincarnation of the tornado!!
I was asked to install the Great Storm of 1971 in the gallery at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont CA.
Had a great time doing it and it maybe even looked better than the first!
We even snuck in a road trip to Joshua Tree (my favorite) and had good eats at In and Out Burger and my new heartthrob Cliftons. Hot decor and even hotter jello... in every color