Sunday, March 2, 2008

Latest Pictures From Camp Meade

These are the latest photos of the new work being made for my show in New York in April. There are going to be two large sculptural installations and then a new group of collages to go along with the 3D pieces. Some of the collages can be seen in the newest post, but this is only a few of them.
The mountain sculpture is about 5 feet tall and is constructed out of carved foam and various found materials. All of which is then heavily coated with a homemade version of an acrylic aqua resin. The rainbows are constructed out of ply and wiggle board covered with paper mache and painted. The largest of which will appear to pierce the wall and come out on the other side in the main space of the gallery.

Pretty Yarn Lawn Chair

 We've been replacing the old worn out straps on our vintage deck chairs with random bits of acrylic yarn we got at the Re-Store. A great local shop that re-sells craft materials that get donated by local businesses.
Here is a close up of the variagated yarn madness that is our chair...actually now my favorite chair to drag along to knit night or to take to the beach in warmer weather.

Recycled Felted Wool Sweaters Find a New Life as Blanket!!

These fabulous (if I do say so myself) blankets are made from old jumpers that have been washed and chopped and reformed as beautiful brightly colored afghans. It keeps Barry busy, he revels in the free will to shrink our laundry. Taught him how to sew too!
This is the one that we are keeping... Its perfect for those late cold cold nights in Vermont, snuggled up on the couch in Vermont.